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ECU Tuning Specialist

Eurotek Designs Inc. is a Tuning Manufacture, R&D Engineering group, Worldwide Distributor and Retailer. Specializing in: ECU Tuning Development. Valentine One Radar Mirror systems. Import/Export Distribution for Tuning Components. Performance Hardware Manufacturing, Engineering and other Special Services.

We are the leading specialist in high end exotic car tuning and development. World renowned for ECU Tuning and Performance specializations: Alfa Romeo ECU Tuning, Aston Martin ECU Tuning, Audi ECU Tuning, BMW ECU Tuning. Bentley ECU Tuning, Ferrari ECU Tuning, Jaguar ECU Tuning, Lamborghini ECU Tuning, Maserati ECU Tuning, Porsche ECU Tuning, Mercedes AMG ECU Tuning.  Porsche Racing ECU Tuning, Ferrari Challenge ECU Tuning, Chrysler SRT8 ECU Tuning.

Eurotek Designs Inc. provides, designs and engineers performance upgrades: Engine ECU Software Tuning, Sport Suspensions, Engine and Kompressor Pulley Upgrades, Exhaust headers, Complete exhaust systems, Differential conversions, Transmission Control unit (TCU) Remapping, Aerodynamic and interior refinements, custom designed sport steering wheels in leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, custom leather interiors, Valentine One Radar Mirror systems & one off designed accessories.

Eurotek Designs Inc for the last 12 years has specialized in Electronic Engineering (ECU Tuning). Our firm specializes in ECU Tuning via Flash Programming, OBD2 Tuning and Bench ECU Flashing for: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes Benz AMG and Chrysler SRT8 Models. All of our upgrades have been developed by Eurotek Designs Inc, Eurotek GmbH our world leading technology partners. We have provided all US, EURO, Asian specific vehicles for our developments and you can be rest assured your car will run to its maximum potential. We have ECU Tuning for all Octane Ratings 91, 93 and 94, 95RON, 98 RON. 100-116 Octane Racing applications can be developed for professional race cars and race teams. We have invested heavily in engineering specialized equipment to make these conversions as easy and effective as possible. All of our ECU Tuning is undetectable and carried out with utmost precision. Unlike a majority of tuners who saturate the marketplace we have 12+ years experience and develop all software files in house. Experience is key to tuning your luxury exotic or professional race car and our Global Reputation is a result of that. Gone are those days of tampering with PC boards, soldering  sockets, using EPROM readers. We are ahead of the competition each and every way. 


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